In tough economic times, you need to find ways to work smarter, not harder. This is why
the professionals at Bridgemakers Consulting are offering an affordable package to get your
business off to the right start in the new competitive economic climate.  For a limited time,
you will receive one hour of personalized intensive business coaching and receive as well, a
number of helpful books and reports to kickstart your business in the new year.
This special package includes:
1 hour of business consulting at half price –

This is a great opportunity to have our CEO and professional
business consultant take a fresh look at your business, its
challenges, and goals and make appropriate recommendations of
how to quickly overcome obstacles and plan for success.

Find out more about your coach
ONLY $75
Life Evaluator Assessment –   FREE

This invaluable guide will give you a barometer for assessing each
segment of your life at a given moment in time. It is a wonderful
and neutral way to determine your feelings about what is and is
not working in various areas of your life. When used periodically,
it can be an invaluable tool to assess your goals.
FOCUS ebook –  FREE

With so much uncertainty in the overall economy, it is the time to
FOCUS on what matters most. Knowing how to focus, how to build
up confidence and self-esteem, and knowing when to exercise self-
discipline are HUGE steps toward a better life for yourself and
those around you. This book will teach you how to do just that.
10 Steps to Entrepreneur Success – FREE

This report will walk you through the 10 most important steps
that are the cornerstones of all successful entrepreneurs. Learn
from the pros and save yourself invaluable time and money!
Limited Time Offer
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immediate access to download your bonus books.

You will then need to send an email to:
to arrange for a convenient day and time for your
telephone coaching session and basic information on
your company, challenges and goals to save time.

Thank you

Your success is our business!
Bridgemakers Consulting Staff