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As your web site becomes more mature, you will inevitably want to build more visitor traffic with some sort
of paid program.  There are many techniques you can employ for website traffic generating strategies, but
with some proper planning, your Pay per click program will get the biggest bang for your buck.

One of the least expensive ways to get started in purchasing traffic is through posting your link on highly
trafficked complimentary web sites.  You will want to find other websites that are in your niche, and look for
a message that says “Advertise on this site”.
You can simply send an email and request that they place your link on their page for a small fee.  Often, it
may cost only around $20 per site to post your link.  If you find a well- trafficked site with a complimentary
set of products or services to your own, this can be a very inexpensive and easy web traffic generating

Another way to ensure traffic is to pay for targeted visitors.  Pay-per-click programs have changed quite a
bit over the past couple years. Keywords have become more expensive and more competitive. Today, it
pays to optimize your pay per click strategy by using key phrases. This means that you simply find a list of
keywords with at least two words that are similar and then place them in groups and bid upon a key phrase.
This will bring you more targeted leads if you carefully select high demand and low supply key phrases. You
can segment your advertising and run multiple campaigns and make them much more effective.  

If you would like to build a solid online marketing campaign, there are many online marketing tools available
covering web site traffic strategies – including numerous traffic generating software programs and
informative Pay per Click ebooks.

Sophie Lapaire, President
                                                                                                              Bridgemakers Consulting
Pay Per Click Optimization