What is Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is all the rage on the Internet because it works. If you create
a viral product on a regular basis such as a piece of free software, a PDF,
an eBook, audio or a video, people will always come back looking to see
what you have to offer each month. They will then tell other people about it
as well. Pretty soon, it catches on like the flu (it “goes viral”) and people
send it along to others they think might benefit. You will soon become a
model for viral marketing success.

Viral marketing is all about creativity. The more creative you can be the
better your traffic will become. If somebody likes what they see, they will
pass on the information to their friends and family. This means that you are
able to double your traffic because your creative blog or your free product is
so popular. Viral marketing is the latest craze in web promotion marketing
because of its relatively low cost. If you do blog marketing, for example, you
can plaster it with your website address and company logo and it will be
seen by a much larger audience than your traditional customer base.

Many companies will also offer discounts and rebates with their products to
keep people coming back to their site to purchase products and see what
the next freebie is.
The best thing about viral marketing is that you are attracting repeat traffic
that is willing to buy something, which means that your sales have the
potential to skyrocket.

Link Exchanges
Search engines love to see links incoming and outgoing. If you use sites
that get a lot of traffic, you will get a lot of traffic in return as well as a decent
page rank. This is a great way to gain traffic, which you may have not
gained otherwise.

Tell-A-Friend Script
Have you ever been reading an online news story on MSN, Google, CNN,
etc., and notice the little envelope that says “send to a friend”? This is a
similar tool that people very rarely use. If you do choose to use it you will find
that it is a great way to build traffic. This is an incredibly easy way to gain
traffic, especially if your content is good. This is a simple script that you can
attach to the code of your website. The script eliminates the chances of the
email being blocked because the information is input by the sender. It also
allows for a wider marketing arena. With the email, the recipient receives
the media and a brief description of the website where the media is from.
As more and more people use it, it keeps spreading to more friends and

Pamela Millar, CEO
                 Bridgemakers Consulting
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