Traffic Generating Strategies
Success Factors
Many people are under the mistaken belief that once their website is out on
the internet, somehow people will magically appear, as if some magic
surfboard will float them across the world to land them there.  While, it is
possible that you will receive visitors from someone randomly searching
keywords that may appear on your site, it is not likely that web site traffic will
be consistent enough to lead to sales.  

Too many businesses today do not employ traffic generating strategies that
could radically improve their potential customer base.  With just some
simple web site traffic strategies, you can build traffic to your site, build your
list of prospects and ultimately enjoy more sales.  The more traffic you can
attract, the more people are going to know about you. They will then pass on
information and praise about your business to other people who will then
visit your website and hopefully purchase your products or services as well.

If you want to increase traffic to your web site, there are two major
free traffic and paid traffic.  You can pay for traffic with Pay
per click programs or PPC optimization –but it will take substantial capital
investment to become successful. Like most small business entrepreneurs,
we prefer traffic strategies that are free.  

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your web site is to write your
content for the highest likelihood of being found in the major search
engines.  Many people have heard about
Search Engine Optimization (or
SEO), but very few are familiar about how to best take advantage of it.  Put
simply, the more relevant, informative articles you have on your site which
relate to a given topic or search area, the higher your web site will be ranked
with the search engines.  Also, submitting your articles to popular ezine
directories and blog sites will give you a chance to showcase your expertise
to be seen by others.  

Sophie Lapaire, President
       Bridgemakers Consulting
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