Plan Your Work
Use free resources and marketing tools to plan

There is an old saying that I quote very often. “Those who fail to
plan, plan to fail!
I say it often because it is the single most
important fact of success in a nutshell.  Free marketing resources
and tools are a great kickstart to help you along the road to
success.  You just have to know where to find them and how to use

A business plan is just exactly like a road map that would be used
for making a road trip.  It is a detailed plan of how to get from point
A (starting your business) to point B (having a successful business)
in the shortest possible time and without taking the scenic route.
Simply because you have an idea for a business doesn’t mean that
you have a recipe for business success.  Begin with drafting a
rough plan with free resources and tools, then check your work with
small business coaching and finally graduate to more advanced
marketing tools to ensure your business success.

Most of the time, those who are just becoming a small business
entrepreneur have been working at jobs for which they were paid a
salary. They are in the ‘work equals money’ mindset and they bring
that mindset into their businesses.

They will even spend their time searching for more ‘work’ to do
rather than searching for ways in which to make money. Unless the
‘work = money’ mindset can be quickly changed to ‘sales = money’
mindset, the business will certainly fail and fail very quickly. This is
where a properly structured business plan can save time and
money.  One of the best resources tools to get started is to
download a free business plan template and to spend your first 60
days planning a formula for success.  Be as thorough as possible
in financial and market projections.

One of the next and most important items that can be listed in a
business plan is to ‘
find a mentor’ or small business entrepreneur
coach. You can have all of the details written down of exactly how
you plan to succeed but if you can find a mentor that process can
be cut in half.  A proper small business coach will review your work
and help you find the shortcuts to see market potential you may not
have noticed.

Building your own successful startup business is a very exciting
undertaking but it is one that is fraught with obstacles. You can
overcome the obstacles and succeed but don’t expect it to be easy
or quick. It will be neither.  With the right resources and tools, and
the proper coaching advice, you will have surely have a recipe for
success.  “
Plan your work and Work Your Plan” and you will get
there in no time.  Read more on free resources and marketing tools.

Sophie Lapaire, President
 Bridgemakers Consulting
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