"Pamela is a brilliant business woman with
non stop creative ideas and solutions.
She is well organized and stays on top of
her projects.
Pamela has a keen wit and great sense of
humor. She is a joy to know not only as a
friend but also as a business collegue. I
look forward to working with her in the
near future."
                            Carole Meyer
                          Boneyard Furniture
"I liked working with Pamela very much,
she is an enthusiastic globalization
program manager and an excellent
global marketing strategist. She knows
how to motivate everyone in the team
and her projects in Sun's globalization
engineering team were all finished on
time with high quality no matter how
difficult the projects were. Even after
she left the Globalization Engineering
Team and joined the Global Marketing
team, she still co-chaired the Sun's
Globalization Steering Community and
made a lot of great contribution on the
globalization portfolio and strategy from
global marketing perspective.

                 Qingjiang Yuan
               Second Entrepreneurship Inc.
                                                                                                EMAIL: info@BridgeMakersconsulting.com
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Pamela's passion, integrity and subject
expertise distinguish her as a valuable
asset. She does the right thing for her
customers. She is proactive, takes action
and explores every channel. Pamela's
dedication to her work and to her clients is

                        Wendy Mui,
          Senior Program Manager
              Sun Microsystems, Inc
Working with Pamela Millar & Sophie Lapaire
of Bridgemakers Consulting has
increased all areas of Medicines Global's
productivity by helping us develop a creative
coherent plan to meet our organizational &
promotional needs for our international
humanitarian work. Their innovative ideas are
helping us develop a broad-base
membership program. They give us formulas to
develop increased global awareness
for our local, national and international
humanitarian work. Their ability to go
directly to the needs of the moment with a
sharpness of focus is unmatched with any
other consultants we have worked with over the
past 10 years.

Janice Belson
                            Executive Director
Medicines Global
Over and over, Pamela's creative insight, passion and
dedication has helped Empowerment Works soar to new
heights. In creating a unique value proposition for our first
year event, she solved a communications challenge that
no other event, branding or marketing expert in our
extensive network could tackle. We were stuck- she got
us un-stuck and ensured the successful launch of The
Global Summit.
As Chair of our 1PIE.org portal initiative, Pamela has
proven an inspirational team leader and continues to
engage world class partners in leading edge collaborative

Pamela is a remarkable powerhouse of vision, integrity,
wisdom and impact! I recommend her to anyone who
wants straight answers and remarkable results.
Please feel free contact me for more details or a formal

                                          Melanie St.James
                                           Executive Director,
Empowerment Works!
                                             Executive Producer,
                                           The Global Summit™
Bridgemakerconsulting is our partner in the
Silicon Valley. We have closely worked
together on the establishment of our clients in
the US and more specifically in the West Coast.
Our clients are French and Swiss innovative
service companies. Sophie 's professional
experience in the US and the IT sector
(Microsoft) is particularly
useful. In addition, she understands both
culture: European and American. She conducts
market surveys, recommends product and
market strategy and helps us find local
distributors and clients. We shall intensify our
collaboration this year

                                            Anne Wilmes
Sophie is an acute thinker who possesses a
sharp mind and keen business insight. I
worked with her on the Partners In
Empowerment project and was impressed
with her ability to see the big picture without
losing sight of tactical goals and objectives.
Sophie not only has exceptional skills in
program management and improved
business efficiency, her passion in humanity
and environmental sustainability as well as
diverse global experiences, provided her an
unique characteristic that I enjoyed working
with her very much

                           Jenny Huang,
                          Director , iFOSSF
                  International Free Open
            Source Software Foundation
passion to our working relationship. Her
experience serves her, as she works at a high
level with ease. She's understanding, visionary,
communicative. It's a joy to be connected with

                       Michael Bedar
                       TEEM with Life
"I have worked with Sophie on a number of
occasions both in the high technology
space and most recently within the green and
clean technologies industry.
I am always impressed at the work generated
by her, diligently designing,developing and
implementing ideas against the grain of
resistances and making projects successful. I
will recommend her involvement in any
                 Dr. Gurminder Singh
                  Founder & Co-Chairman,
                 Green Technology Institute
                       President & CTO,
Transformative Capital Inc
stop creative ideas and solutions. She is well
organized and stays on top of her projects.
Pamela has a keen wit and great sense of
humor. She is a joy to know not only as a
friend but also as a business collegue. I look
forward to working with her in the near future."

                         Carole Meyer
                       Boneyard Furniture
“Pamela is a dynamic speaker who can
distill understandable essences out of a
complicated subject matter for her
audience. Starting from a
comprehensive strategic analysis, she
works in the specifics of effective event
planning, promotion, and presentation
with actionable engagements. I'd
recommend her with projects that
require the very best in professional
media marketing execution.
Bottom Line: Great Results, Expertise &
High Integrity”

                               Pacifia Chiang
                                IT Consultant
Pamela is an open source "maven," who
brings a deep knowledge of open standards
practices, and who, through her infectious
enthusiasm, insight, and drive, entices
people to join her in building collaborative
capacities-both technological and emotional
for a healthy and sustainable world

                           Nicole Gnutzman,
Innate Strategies
"Pamela is incredible. She brings people
together, facilitates solutions, motivates
towards action and does the deep thinking.
Her background in high-tech applications and
software development is truly impressive.

                          Scott Badenoch
                          CEO & Co-founder
Creative Citizen