With the current economic collapse and increasing strain on limited resources, all
businesses and organizations need to create maximum cost efficiency for the
greatest market exposure. The professionals at Bridgemakers Consulting are experts
holistic models for business success.  Strategic planning needs to consider the
customer as well as their entire value chain when defining a solution for a given
market need. We help you design holistic solutions to meet market demand.

Bridgemakers consultants are strong proponents of using leverage for collaborative
partnering in market development. We can help you optimize your relationship
with your supply chain while gaining maximum  economies of scale. If market
promotions are your primary concern, we will help you craft your unique value
proposition and refine your messaging to obtain broad exposure in many media
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Strategic Planning Services:

Marketing Promotions Services:
To Survive in Today's Economy -
You Have To Do More With Less!

We have seen a lot of waves of small business innovation – from tech to clean
tech, but the key to survival in the new world of business economics depends on
whether or not your small business has a revenue plan that is sustainable.  Our
Management Coaching services will give you a set of tools and practices to
achieve a sustainable business model through a disciplined and holistic
approach.  We will help you to map out gaps in your supply chain that keep you
from focusing on your own core competency; leveraging partnerships across
your distribution channel and supply network.  With management coaching, you
will gain the greatest cost efficiencies by considering all parts of the value chain
in your planning process. It’s not enough just to know your customer’s needs,
but you should know THEIR customers and partners intimately as well.  With a
roadmap for success, our management coaches will help your small business to
offer complete solution sets with the least amount of investment – giving you a
completely sustainable business model for revenue.

How much do you know about your competition, really?  Other than what they
obviously write on their website or broadcast in ads – do you know how much
market share you have and from whom you want to take more?  Our
management coaches will provide comprehensive market research for your
small business so that you can hone and tune your own unique value proposition
to set you apart from the pack. Our marketing consulting services also include
direct surveys of the competition in order to identify their pitch proposals and to
determine any potential vulnerabilities you can exploit.

Marketing is much more than advertising and promotions, and our management
coaches can show you how.  If you want to really gain the maximum return on
your small business investments, you should have a comprehensive plan for
developing your market.  Do your products or services reach all potential
customer niches?  Do you sell only directly to the customer, or do you have an
established distribution channel?  Is your set of product offerings as broad as it
could be?  Have you taken advantage of all PR and promotional opportunities
online and offline? Marketing consulting can help you optimize your marketing
dollars for the maximum gain.

In an economic downturn, it doesn’t make business sense to go it alone.  Our
management coaches can show you how you can gain market exposure and
maximum leverage through creative co-marketing programs with distributors,
complimentary products and even your competitors!  Marketing consulting can
help your small business take advantage of critical business alliances which will
help you to complete a more comprehensive solution set for the marketplace.
Social networks and trade associations can also be a powerful tool for leverage.  
Let the management coaches at Bridgemakers Consulting help you to identify
where you are missing out on critical business alliances.

Many businesses rely uniquely on direct sales opportunities through web
marketing and direct sales to customers while missing out on growth
opportunities.  Our management coaches can teach you how to take your small
business to the next level through retail channel development, affiliate program
development and outside sales development.  Our marketing consulting team
can spend time with your sales team making sure that the entire process of sales
order entry to final shipment is optimized.

Many small businesses do not utilize all of the marketing tools and resources at
their disposal.  Our marketing consulting services can help you generate massive
market exposure through writing and submitting collateral materials to media
outlets and article directories.  By adding the proper set of keywords and a
defined value proposition, our management coaches can help put your market
messaging into overdrive.

There is a whole world of customers out there and your job is to reach them.  If
you have a brick and mortar business and your have no website, we can help you
develop one.  If your website is only a virtual postcard, we can help you optimize
your web messaging for the maximum search engine optimization.  If you want
to learn on your own, our marketing resources and tools can help you broaden
your education.  We even provide Free ebooks and audio books to help you along
the way.  Use our marketing consulting to compliment your own self tutoring, or
ask us to direct you along the way, it is up to you!

In the days of streaming online television and Youtube, web pages are no longer
just static business cards online.  Your customers want to engage with you and
personally see how your business works.  It is easier than ever to create your
own audio books or generate video commercials which can enrich your web
presence.  You can even hand out instructional videos and video business cards
to your customers.  Let the management coaching at Bridgemakers Consulting
teach you affordable techniques to spruce up your online messaging and take
your small business to the next level.

Bridgemakers Consultants are experts in strategic media placement both online
and offline.  We have vast experience in writing press releases, running public
relations campaigns, writing and submitting articles to impel viral marketing
and providing strategic placement for online magazines and televisions
networks.  We will get you out there FAST – just
CONTACT US and we will tell
you how.

Traffic Generation Strategies

With a bad economy, one of the best ways to increase your customer base with
maximum cost efficiency is to drive more targeted traffic to your website.  There
are dozens of traffic generation strategies which can help you to build your
brand recognition, including sales letter campaigns, article marketing, pay per
click, display advertising, video marketing and more.  Our marketing store
showcases marketing resources and tools to learn the latest tricks of the trade in
online marketing.  Confused?  Let our management coaches show you how!

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