Time Management essentials
for business success
Do feel that you can never fit everything you want to do in a day?

Does your confidence drop sometimes because you feel

If so, then this article is for you!

Many small businesses need help in managing their time.  Time management
can be a one of the essentials for small business entrepreneur success.  In our
experience with small business coaching, we always begin with effective time
management principles.

Having more time is one of the most precious and sought after resources we
have. When you feel in control over your time you have more confidence.
Everyone has the same amount of time. However, some seem to have more
than others!

The real winners in life are those who know what they have to do and when.
They also don’t get stressed out about those things that they have no control

So, how can you get more time?

There are three factors in total - lets have a look at them:

    1.  The first thing that you have to do is to identify how you are
    spending your right now- both at home and at work.

    What I would like you to do is write out the tasks or activities that you
    must do in order for you to achieve the objectives of your job or at
    home.   These could include work tasks such as meetings, appraisals, E-
    mails, documentation and the like.  Home activities could include
    cleaning, cooking, shopping, time with the children, watching television.  
    Write all of them down.
After you have identified what you have to do, the next step is to schedule your
work and activities both in terms of time and priority.

    2.  For successful time management, you must have a diary.  Once
    you have worked out the tasks that you have to do and their relative
    importance - the next step that you have to do is to schedule these
    activities into your diary.

    In your diary, block out time for certain tasks. Also allow time for optional
    tasks and regular duties - let people know when you are available, also
    allow time for reviewing and planning at the end of each day. Scheduling
    out time for planning is essential on a daily basis. Within this time for
    planning you should draw up your schedule and also a TO DO list for the
    next day using the techniques that I have already mentioned. Cross out
    each activity as you complete them and make sure that you complete
    them all.  

    3.  The last area that we can look at is time saving techniques.  

    These are the things that you can do to give yourself more time.  

    Firstly, by doing less, you can increase more of your available time.   I
    see so many people who are snowed under with their workload and
    agenda, these people never seem to have a minute to spare and just
    take on more and more work.

    Let’s have a look at some of the things that you can do. The first and
    most important question you can ask yourself is this:

    Can I delegate certain activities?

    You can reduce your workload by getting other people to do it for you.
    You can also discourage unnecessary meetings, don’t take work home,
    don’t take responsibility for other peoples problems and don’t become
    bogged down with detail.  

    These are some of the things that you can do to free up some of your
    time, but one of the most important things that you can do is just by
    saying NO to certain requirements and requests that are asked of you.

    Secondly, another excellent time saving technique is by working faster,
    and by reducing the time for particular tasks.  

    Ensure deadlines are set and adhered to, keep your communications
    concise, take the most important tasks when you are alert - it is more
    time efficient and productive. Learn how to conclude meetings and
    conversations, ensure meetings are run promptly and on time - there are
    many others.

The time management techniques that I have just described will start you off in
your quest to control every aspect of your life and, once you have control over
your time, you will perform more effectively and have greater enjoyment in your

Sophie Lapaire, President
          Bridgemakers Consulting