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Market development Strategist
Author & Speaker
CEO, Bridgemakers Consulting

    Pamela is CEO of Bridgemakers Consulting, a coalition of marketing experts
    covering all fields of inbound and outbound marketing. Pamela has promoted
    dozens of successful entrepreneurial businesses including global market
    development for Netscape, Pixar, Sun microsystems and others.

    She spent the past twenty years launching some of the most successful
    entrepreneurs in the world, including high tech companies, green business
    startup ventures and global non-profit organizations. She speaks 4 languages
    and has her MBA in international business management.

Her range of experience includes:

        Global product strategy
        Customer needs analysis
        Competitive and market segment analysis
        Inbound and outbound marketing
        Market development planning
        Product advertising and messaging
        Partner programs and market leverage
        Published author
Green Business writer/reporter for Examiner (Portland & Seattle)
        Accomplished

Program Management
Social Media Marketing Development
President, Bridgemakers Consulting                                        

    Sophie's keen eye for optimizing organizational efficiency has helped many
    companies grow by doing more with less. Having worked for Fortune 100
    companies, she can streamline any company’s workflow; reduce product time
    to market and increase revenues as a result. A social media marketing expert,
    Sophie can optimize all aspects of your online branding and identity by
    creating an integral program for brand awareness and ongoing customer

Her range of experience includes:

        Improving time to market
        Drawing more traffic to your website
        Social media management (Setup, maintenance and ad campaigns)
        Growing brand awareness
        Streamlining product management
        Knowing what to outsource
        Published author
        Former golf professional
        Conference interpreter, fluent in French, Italian and Spanish
        Vegan chef and
cooking instructor