Online Video for viral marketing success

In case you haven’t noticed lately, EVERYTHING on the web is about
video these days.  Until recently, it was not possible to have high quality
streaming video on most web sites due to server and browser
limitations.  But this is a new world, this is the world of
Web 2.0 and
online video marketing is the key to viral marketing success in the Web
2.0 world.  If you have not yet considered a video marketing campaign
in your web promotion marketing strategy, you should look into it right
away or risk being left behind by the competition.

Your objective should be to create as much “online buzz” as possible,
so be creative in your video marketing plans.  The more fun, creative
and unusual your video is, the more people will send it around to other
people and it will become viral.  If you are wondering what is viral
marketing, it is like the flu.  Anything that causes people to want to send
your message around, the more contagious it becomes.  Pretty soon,
you have thousands more people flocking to your web site to see what
other fun and creative ideas you have produced.   

In the past couple years, the big thing on the internet was blog
marketing and podcasts.  Audio is always more lively than text as well,
but you can spice it up even more with video. Don’t toss aside your
blog marketing or sales letter programs, but add one more powerful
viral tool to your arsenal by incorporating online video into your web
marketing campaigns.  Keep them short and add music, graphics and
other creative video images so that you tell a story – just like a
commercial that you see on TV.  Make sure that you emphasize your
unique value proposition and use customer testimonials to emphasize
your case.  But make sure that you are not just emphasizing product
features, focus on th RESULT of customer success. After all, you are an
entrepreneur – think outside the box and make it fun!


Sophie Lapaire, President
                Bridgemakers Consulting
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