Practical Guide for Business Success
By using simple time tested principles in your market messaging, your
1.  Use the WIFM principle -What's In It For Me?
The challenge you face is that people don’t care about you.  They care
about themselves and their business problem.  In our business start up
coaching, we often find that many entrepreneurs are so excited about
their new gadget or innovative service, that they get caught up in their own
jargon and forget to provide a solution that customers care about.  The
worst thing you can do in any marketing campaign is to forget the
principle of WIFM – people think in terms of “What’s in it for Me?”  The
best way to message to a customer is to avoid speaking about features
and instead speak about benefits.  Give practical examples and customer
testimonials whenever possible to increase your credibility.

2.  It’s all about Value Add

Before you create a Go To Market Strategy, ask yourself some very soul
searching questions about your product or service:

➢        What real value are you actually adding to the customer and their
business problem?

➢        Does the amount of value you want to communicate actually inspire
your clients to share your message with others, based on simple

➢        Do you communicate your message in such a way that exudes both
knowledge and confidence in contributing to your value chain?

This one Principle, alone- if mastered with passion and zeal- will
conservatively accelerate your business success rate exponentially.

3.  Know your buyer’s Purchase Decision Model

Study your product and everything about it- visualize the wants of your
prospective buyers- dig up the facts, and you'll almost always find plenty
of facts to support the buyer's reasons for buying.

Here is where you use results of tests conducted, growing sales figures to
prove increasing popularity, and "user" testimonials or endorsements.

“Just exactly what is in it for me?!?”

Draw a mental picture for your potential buyer. Let him imagine owning
the product. Induce him to visualize all of the benefits you have promised.
Give him the keys to seeing all of the benefits of your product or service
affecting his life and his business.

Pamela Millar, CEO
                   Bridgemakers Consulting